Answering the Feminist Call: Collecting Women Artists

Our inaugural exhibition spotlights female artists whose dazzling works have the power to shape the future of art. ArtRow is committed to showcasing art from underrepresented voices and communities, beginning with the critically important legacy of female artists. Collecting women artists is a first step to equality in the arts and is made possible through critical writing and exhibition practices.

Let’s change art history, together.
Tracy McMenemy, Elevate, 2021
Emily Young, Quartzite Head Small, 2021
Marie Khouri, You and I, 2018 
Wu Ching Ru, Seeds of Blessings, 2013
Mfanwy Pavelic, Self, 1968
Elizabeth Barnes, Summer in the City, 2022
Anna Bogatin Ott, Untitled
Jessica Stockholder, Blue with Cut, 2013
Susan Point, Beyond the Edge, 2015
Nancy Duff, Popsicle Toes, 2022

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