How it Works

BUYING on ArtRow

Every piece listed on ArtRow undergoes rigorous digital and physical vetting. While the work is listed on the platform, the seller maintains possession. Upon sale, the seller delivers the artwork to a local ArtRow agent for vetting and a physical examination prior to shipping to the buyer. Private sellers and artists pay a seller’s fee of 25%. 

Our Vetting Process

ArtRow’s due diligence includes:

  • Market Research – our experts review the artist’s sales history and market exposure in order to establish the relevance of the acquisition. Where required, asking prices have been researched and approved by our valuations team to ensure they are within an appropriate price range that is market aligned.
  • Condition Review – a detailed condition report and photographic documentation of condition is required for every item we list. If the condition differs from the report when your art arrives, you can return the piece and be refunded in full.
  • Provenance – unless coming directly from the artist’s studio, a work of art has a history. As much as possible, we will provide information on its previous ownership, exhibition history, and literature inclusions.
  • Art and Artist Analysis – our specialists study the significance of the artist, their body of work, and relevant art movements and schools. At ArtRow, we believe that the cultural, historical, and social significance of a work is crucial to its meaning and its investment value.


In order to list a work on ArtRow, our team of experts carries out rigorous digital vetting. When the piece is sold on the platform, the seller delivers it to a local ArtRow partner for physical vetting. We ensure that the condition matches the description and we satisfy due diligence requirements before shipping the work to the buyer. 


On ArtRow, we help you reach buyers, globally. Benefit from the market expertise of the team who will provide pricing justifications, artist research and knowledgable art descriptions. 

Who Can Sell

  • Private Collectors – ArtRow is an attractive option for individual owners who are interested in alternatives to auction house or gallery consignment contracts. As long as the artwork meets our submission requirements, selling on ArtRow is accessible to all.
  • Professional Artists – We welcome submissions from practicing artists who can demonstrate ONE of the following: 1) track record of sales in galleries or auction houses; 2) art school training at the degree level (BFA or MFA); 3) demonstrated inclusions in museum/public gallery collections; OR 4) commercial gallery representation.
  • Art Dealers – Retail list prices will be honoured on ArtRow and we have no monthly fees or prohibitive exclusivity contracts. ArtRow seeks to collaborate with dealers and galleries and we recognize the unique expertise and deep knowledge that dealers bring to art sales. 

Interested in selling on ArtRow?