ArtRow Launches Online Marketplace To Democratize Traditional Art Sales 

Today, digital marketplace ArtRow launched its platform designed to democratize art transactions. By offering direct access to professionally vetted works, ArtRow provides an innovative, first-of-its-kind marketplace for all levels of buyers and sellers to make transparent and independent sales grounded in both market intelligence and art historical substance.


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Startup Launches to Democratize Physical Art via Digital Platform

Sellers seeking professional art brokerage services face a multitude of barriers. For example, they must physically consign artworks to galleries or auction houses and sales often come with exclusivity agreements.




Victoria-Based Entrepreneur Launches Online Art Market to Improve Accessibility for Artists

Following the pandemic, many industries have seen big changes in how business is done and the visual art industry is no different. As of Thursday, October 12th, a new online platform for artists and collectors across BC, Canada and the rest of the world launched to buy and sell art at their leisure and it was created by Victoria-based entrepreneur, Dr. Lara Tomaszewska.

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New Look, Big News

Digital marketplace ArtRow launched its platform designed to democratize art transactions.


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Democratizing Art Sales: Dr. Lara Tomaszewska’s ArtRow Transforms the Traditional Art Market

The Covid-19 pandemic saw a transformational shift in the way the professional art market operated, forcing galleries and auction houses to close or move online to reach their audience. Three years later, only 16% of art sales are made online, but many of these online platforms operate under the traditional structures of the existing market, contributing to an art industry that is often perceived as opaque or exclusionary for new buyers.




An online marketplace makes buying fine art more accessible

A new online platform called ArtRow has launched that promises to make it easier for individual sellers and purchasers of artwork to find one another, while also providing professional vetting to ensure authenticity and fair market valuations.


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Lara launches her new online art marketplace 

The idea of buying and selling art can be a daunting one. But a Victoria woman is hoping to change that. She has built an online art marketplace that is more accessible for both buyers and sellers.


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CTV Morning Live Interview with Lara Tomaszewska

Interview begins at 56 minute mark.


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Homegrown Business: Lara Tomaszewska of ArtRow

ArtRow, a unique digital marketplace, is changing the way we buy and sell art. In this interview, CEO and Founder Lara Tomaszewska shares insights into this innovative platform. ArtRow stands out as the first of its kind, bringing the expertise of private art advisory into the digital world. Lara explains how ArtRow makes art investment accessible to users of all levels of experience, offering a guided and professionally vetted approach.


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