What We Stand For


The art world, in your hands.

Our mission is to democratize how fine art is bought and sold by providing an open, transparent art marketplace that is based on a foundation of research, expertise, and integrity.

Democratizing the Art World Through Equity and Accessibility

We’re a community of experienced art advisors, art historians, and forward thinkers dedicated to providing more equity and accessibility to the art world. Whether buying or selling, we give the user all the tools they need to make informed decisions based on transparent disclosures.

Democratizing the art world means putting decisions into the hands of the people. We are committed to giving everyone, regardless of social status or geographic location, the tools they need to make informed decisions in our marketplace, whether their personal goals are investment, passion for visual art, or social justice. Integrity is at the center of our business practices.

Too much of the art market is driven by trends, flipping-for-profit, and other ulterior motives for art commerce. This creates opacity around both the artwork and its valuation. In order to navigate the market, experienced collectors rely on the services of art advisors, who are a key sector of the market, alongside auction houses, galleries, and art fairs. Without extensive experience in the art market and a solid foundation in art history, it is easy to be led towards unsound investments.

Creating a Transparent Marketplace for Equitable Art Exchange

From condition reports, price justifications, and a transparent fee structure, ArtRow is committed to building a platform based on making the knowledge and insider-connections of the art world transparent. This infrastructure provides safeguards against fraudulent art world deals that have made the market itself notoriously difficult to navigate. We are building a true marketplace for equitable exchange.

Marketplaces have long provided a meeting place for communities to socialize and exchange information. ArtRow is committed to bringing this experience into the digital realm through our interactive Learn page.

We want to empower you to engage more deeply with the art you love and we will provide sound data to inform your investment decisions. With our art market expertise and opportunities for education, you can participate in ArtRow’s marketplace with trust and confidence.