Sell with ArtRow

On ArtRow, get connected with an audience looking for pieces like yours. Benefit from ArtRow’s professional research and due diligence and maximize your return through a listing that ensures market value pricing and expertly written art descriptions. 

Who Can Sell

Individuals – ArtRow is an attractive option for individual owners who are interested in alternatives to auction house or gallery consignment contracts. As long as the artwork meets our submission requirements, ArtRow is accessible to all. 

Professional Artists – We welcome submissions from practicing artists who can demonstrate ONE of the following: 1) track record of sales in galleries or auction houses; 2) art school training at the degree level (BFA or MFA); 3) demonstrated inclusions in museum/public gallery collections; OR 4) commercial gallery representation.

Art Dealers – Retail list prices will be honoured on ArtRow and we have no monthly fees or prohibitive exclusivity contracts. ArtRow seeks to collaborate with dealers and galleries and we recognize the unique expertise and deep knowledge that dealers bring to art sales. 

How We Vet

Our vetting process ensures that ArtRow buyers make sound acquisitions. In order to maintain our high standards at ArtRow, all works must be:

  • In good condition. Especially with mature works, some wear and tear is inevitable, but there should be no obvious damage to the piece.

Primary market artworks must be in pristine and excellent condition. 

Acceptable secondary market condition (due to age): mild paint cracking; very mild paper discolourations; creasing; waving; minor frame imperfections; minor canvas imperfections, including very mild looseness and undulations. 

Unacceptable condition: punctures, holes, abrasions, tears, dark staining, foxing, or yellowing on canvas or paper. No incomplete artworks or visible signs of restoration.

  • By a proven (professional) artist . An exhibition or market track record of the artist must be demonstrable with every piece. When possible, sellers should also provide a work’s provenance.
  • Well-documented. Condition reports and high-resolution quality photographs must accompany all works, accurately representing the art, thereby increasing the likelihood of its purchase.

Secondary market sales require full condition reports that note any imperfections/issues with the work of art. Sellers are asked for a history of ownership and/or acquisition details. 

High quality photographs are mandatory in order to vet an artwork. Photos must be submitted as .jpeg files with a minimum resolution of 2000 x 2000 pixels. Video documentation of the submitted artwork is desirable and in many cases, it will be required. 

How it Works

  1. Apply to list your work on ArtRow. If the artist meets the listing requirements, we we will contact you to begin the process. 
  2. An application will require: artist name, title, year, dimensions, medium, provenance, and a condition report. High-quality photographs are required for every piece submitted.
  3. ArtRow experts will assist in establishing a market value, where needed. We will honour the list prices of artists and galleries. 
  4. ArtRow will complete a comprehensive profile of the art and artist and post the listing. 
  5. Upon sale, private sellers and artists pay a seller’s fee of 25%. 

Apply to Sell

Max. file size: 300 MB.
Images are mandatory and must show artwork clearly (natural light preferred, no flash or glare, and from front and center or flat from above).