What is ArtRow?

ArtRow is an art commerce platform for buyers and sellers where they can trade thoroughly vetted works of art. Filling the gap between commercial galleries and auction houses, ArtRow brings the experience of private art advisory and sales to the digital world. We’re founded by an art historian with extensive experience in sourcing, researching and transacting on private art sales at all levels. ArtRow is a digital marketplace for independent buying and selling that is guided by art professionals.

How does ArtRow work?

ArtRow acts as a broker in specialized art sales. We source and vet all of the works listed for sale and introduce them to the buyer. ArtRow specialists have market expertise and art historical knowledge and manage all aspects of the sale – including sourcing, research, verification of condition, shipping coordination and any additional sale-related logistical tasks.

How do I know the works of art are high quality? Do the works come with a certificate of authenticity?

The team at ArtRow is made up of trained and experienced art professionals with shared backgrounds in galleries, auction houses and art research. The main goal of the staff is to provide high quality art for sale. This means that the art listed is made by recognized artists with a track record in sales and/or exhibitions. All artists have been researched and determined to be of historical and/or monetary value.

Like art galleries and auction houses, ArtRow does not authenticate artworks. However, when ArtRow features works for sale directly from the artist’s studio, we can guarantee that these are authentic, as we have close connections with the artists and studios listed online. In the cases of secondary market sales, ArtRow satisfies in-house due diligence (provenance, exhibition history, literature inclusions) and withholds from listing any work of art that does not measure up to our stringent qualifications. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information on buyer and seller responsibilities.

Who are the sellers on ArtRow?

The art featured on ArtRow comes from three main pools: private collectors/sellers; artists; and dealers – with a focus on private sellers and professional artists. ArtRow exists to offer both buyers and sellers new channels for trade beyond the current models and its featured works may not be available in galleries or auction houses. ArtRow was formed specifically to illuminate and elevate works of art in private collections – works that have not been exposed on the larger market. Professional artists, emerging and established, are given critical and curatorial consideration by ArtRow experts. For many artists who are seeking independence, we are able to offer a serious space for the exhibition and sale of their work. ArtRow also highlights historical work coming out of private collections and works from artists who may have been overlooked by the market.

Can I speak with an ArtRow advisor?

Yes, we would love to speak with you! Please get in touch by accessing our email and phone number under “Contact” or though pressing “Enquire” on any product listing. We will respond within 24 hours of your request and are always happy to work with you personally by phone and email.

I am an artist. Can I sell on ArtRow?

ArtRow sells work on behalf of emerging and established professional artists. Please see the Sell requirements here.

I am the owner of a work of art that I would like to sell. How does this work?

ArtRow specializes in brokering sales on behalf of private collectors. To get started, please go to our Sell page to contact us. We will ask for the following information:

  • Name of artist
  • Title of work
  • Medium of work
  • Year of work
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth)
  • High resolution images of the front, back and sides of the work
  • Detailed images including close-ups, signature and inscriptions
  • Provenance (history of ownership)

How do I know that the sale prices on ArtRow are fair and justified market values?

ArtRow is a professional art company. Our prices will be consistent with gallery list prices and artist studio pricing. If the seller is an artist, they provide their studio pricing and it is consistent with other sales channels that sell the artist’s work. If the seller is a dealer or gallery, they list works at their retail price with no added fees on top, except in instances where shipping fees are noted. For private sellers, ArtRow works with the owner to help determine a current market value and suggests a range. If the private owner does not agree to listing at ArtRow’s suggested range of value, we do not list the piece.

What are the fees on ArtRow?

Seller’s Fees

ArtRow does not charge any upfront listing fees, so sellers may list their approved work at no cost. ArtRow works on a commission basis, conducting pre-sale research, writing, and marketing to sell each piece as quickly and successfully as possible. Upon sale, ArtRow charges a 25% seller’s fee, competitive with gallery consignment and auction house fees.

Buyer’s Fees

The buyer does not pay fees on top of the sale price and its applicable taxes. However, the buyer does pay shipping costs, clearly marked as either a flat-rate (shipping fee included in the price) or as a custom charge (to be quoted). Therefore, buyers pay sale price + shipping and tax. For buyers outside of Canada, import duties and taxes will be charged by the shipping agent and will be separate from the ArtRow transaction.

I am a seller on ArtRow. How do I get my money after the sale?

If your work is purchased, we will inform you of the sale and prepare to ship your work. Once the buyer has received your work and, if they have not filed for a return claim within 2 business days of receiving it, we will send you your earnings via EFT (sale price minus 25%).


Which payment methods are accepted?

If you buy a work of art on ArtRow, your details are protected by our privacy policy. ArtRow accepts payments by VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS. Or, the buyer can pay by EFT in a secure transfer by JETPAY. The buyer’s funds are typically cleared within 3 days of the transfer, giving enough time for the shipment to be prepared and processed.

Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order only before it has been processed for shipping, usually within 12 hours of placing it. To cancel an order, promptly contact ArtRow and request a cancellation.

Can I return my purchase?

All sales are final on ArtRow. However, we take great care in making sure that the experience of collecting art is great for all parties. While we currently do not offer returns or refunds on works that you do not like (you can resell them on ArtRow!), we will issue refunds if one the of the following can be demonstrated:

  • The work is received in damaged condition
  • The work of art is clearly different from its listing: ie; it has a different composition, scale, or different colours (*greater than tone and shade gradations)

In order to proceed with a return claim, please send an email on the “Contact Us” form with the reason for the return. If the return is requested because you do not like the work, the colours are slightly lighter or darker than in the photographs, or you do not like it in your space, we will not be able to fulfill the return.

If the return is requested due to the above two reasons (damage or substantial differences from its representation on the website), please provide images within 2 business days of receiving it.

If the claim is approved, we will send you a prepaid shipping label so that you can ship it back to the sender. Once the order is received back by the seller, we will issue you a full refund.


I want to buy a piece on ArtRow. How does shipping work?

As a buyer, in most cases, you will be charged for shipping costs on your purchase. Your shipment will be charged according to one of two shipping methods:

As a flat fee included and marked in the sale price OR as a custom shipping order, charged together with the purchased or separately after purchase in coordination with ArtRow shipping department.  

Because each artwork is unique in medium, scale, and materials, each package will have unique shipping requirements. Unlike other products, artwork shipping, delivery and lead time can differ significantly according to the type of packing and service required. ArtRow will communicate updates and changes throughout the shipping process so you can be confident in the whereabouts of your purchase.

ArtRow prefers to provide expedited shipping options when possible, allowing for options around the timing and delivery of your purchase. ArtRow partners with reputable shipping providers (Purolator, DHL, FedEx) and specialized regional, national and international art shippers in order to offer the best possible shipping solutions for your new artwork.

I am a seller. What are my responsibilities for shipping?

On ArtRow, buyers pay for shipping. As a seller, you will not be responsible for shipping costs. However, prior to listing your work, we will discuss the best options for shipping your unique piece. We will review how you will need to prepare your art for shipment. In some cases, you may have an option to drop off your sold artwork to a shipping centre or packer for shipping and delivery. As sellers are made up of artists, galleries and private users, ArtRow finds specific shipping solutions for each piece of inventory.

What if my purchase arrives damaged?

In the unlikely event that an artwork is damaged during shipping, you will be entitled to a full refund and once the claim has been approved, ArtRow will pay for the return collection and shipping. In the cases where standard shippers are used, ArtRow’s cargo insurance policy covers artworks up to $150,000 CAD (see our Terms of Use). When a work is shipped by specialist art shippers, the buyer will pay for insurance coverage for the full value of the work.  

In the event of damage incurred during shipping, the buyer will need to advise ArtRow immediately upon receipt of their purchase. The details of reporting and claiming damages will be provided with each shipment and the customer will need to read and agree to the terms.

If you need to file a claim, please contact ArtRow with the following information:

  • Your Name and Delivery Address
  • Order Number
  • Artist name/title (artwork information)
  • Shipping Method
  • Date of delivery
  • Date damage discovered
  • Current location of the artwork (if not still at delivery address)
  • Nature of damage (please include description, approximate size & location)
  • Did the packing materials show signs of damage? Please describe.
  • Please keep packing materials
  • Close-up photo(s) of the damage
  • Wider photos of the artwork as a whole to help understand position of damage, to help our team identify other potential issues or contributing factors
  • Photo(s) of the packing materials, including showing any damage to them (if present)
  • Best way to contact customer (preferred email / phone #)

Custom Crating

In some cases, artwork will need custom-designed-and-built crating. In these cases, the shipping quote will include all custom packing, crating, and transport.

How are taxes calculated?

For purchases within Canada, ArtRow calculates applicable provincial and federal taxes at checkout.
For international sales orders are Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU). We do not charge you for import duties and applicable taxes. Instead, your shipping carrier will forward you the invoice for those charges separately. Duties and taxes cannot be recovered if a work is returned to ArtRow.