Ira Hoffecker

Let’s Take the Long Way Home, 2023

oil on canvas on cradled panel

48 × 72 in

 72 x


 182.8 x



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About the work

Artist Statement

A few years ago, I started to paint plant-inspired organic shapes and added those to my compositions with geometric structures, the mainstay of my painting imagery for some time. Simultaneous to my new subject matter, the organic inspiration, I began working with oil paints. In contrast to the fast-drying quality of acrylic, oil paint has a different application regime, dries much slower and can be worked with for much longer, allowing me to create more subtle gradations of colour.

My newer works extend organic forms into abstracted landscapes that play with depth, lines and layers. I do not plan a painting or do sketches; the work evolves during the process of painting. Color and composition are significant elements as I add more organic but also abstract shapes to the canvas.

During my years of studying fine art, I conducted a lot of research regarding colour theory. My approach to colour is influenced by colour masters and theorists like Itten, Albers, Goethe and others. Colour choices I gravitate to and mix before I start to paint influence the shapes. I work with flatness and depth both in my individual shapes and in the composition itself. The colour-shape decisions influence and further the paintings’ compositions.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about water and the ocean. This is reflected in my new paintings, Daydream Island, Azure, Aqua and Anemone, which are influenced by my emotive responses to water itself, and bodies of water.

Medium Painting
Signature Signed
Frame Unframed
Condition Excellent
Seller Artist
Location Victoria, Canada
Provenance The Artist

Ira Hoffecker


Ira Hoffecker holds an MFA (2018) from Plymouth University, England and Transart Institute, New York, and a First Class Bachelor (Honours) in Fine Art (2015) from the University of Gloucestershire, England. She previously obtained a Diploma of Fine Arts (2013) from Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria, Canada. Her work has been exhibited in solo, duo and group exhibitions in Germany, England and Canada. In 2015, Hoffecker was one of 20 UK graduates whose work was shortlisted for the Graduate Art Prize in London. She won the first prize in the juried ‘Abstract Show 2015’ in Vancouver with her painting Alexanderplatz VIII. Her Camp Moschendorf II painting was shortlisted for the British John Moore Painting Prize, 2016. The painting was also exhibited at the 2016 Liverpool Biennial.

Hoffecker has completed a 3-month residency in Berlin at Takt and in 2020 in Buenos Aires at Projecto Ace. Her work continues to be promoted in various magazines, recently in Victoria’s Boulevard Magazine and New York’s New Visionary Art Magazine. Hoffecker immigrated from Germany to Canada in 2004 and she lives and works in Victoria, British Columbia.


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