Robert Genn

Langara Outlook, 2006

acrylic on canvas

34 × 30 in

 30 x


 76.2 x



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About the work

Robert Genn’s Langara Outlook is a captivating example of his unique approach to Canadian landscape painting. The composition is marked by a harmonious blend of vibrant colours and simplified shapes, creating an almost dreamlike representation of nature. Genn employs a palette that is both bold and nuanced, with rich forest tones and dusty sunset hues dominating the scene.

The composition is thoughtfully structured, with the sun-washed totem poles in the foreground inviting the viewer gaze past the edge of the canvas along with them. A sense of depth and movement is achieved through the amalgamation of the totems close enough to touch and the opposite coast far off into the mist. Genn’s skill in balancing the elements of the landscape is evident, as he creates a scene that is both realistic and stylized. This painting is a testament to Genn’s mastery of this genre, showcasing his ability to capture the specific histories of the Canadian west coast, thus marking it with a sense of time and place.

Medium Painting
Signature Signed
Frame Framed
Condition Excellent
Seller Private
Location Vancouver, Canada
Provenance Canada House Gallery, Banff, Alberta; Private Collection, Vancouver, BC

Robert Genn


One of Canada’s most accomplished painters, Robert Genn gained international recognition for his landscape subjects of Canada’s West Coast. Extremely prolific and dedicated to his art, he painted in most parts of Canada, the United States, Central America, Europe, and Asia and made comprehensive land and sea explorations painting en plein air on Northern Canada’s Mackenzie River and the Arctic, Haida Gwaii, North Ontario’s Lake of the Woods, Lower Canada, and the American Southwest. He hiked and painted Canada’s West Coast Trail, The Grand Canyon, and Lake O’Hara and pioneered what he called “heli-painting” in the Canadian Rockies.

Genn was born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1936 and attended Victoria College, The University of British Columbia, and The Art Centre School in Los Angeles, California. Genn carried on the tradition of the Canadian Landscape with fresh, painterly techniques and strong design, often exhibiting his devotion to painting by reducing grand themes to small panels painted on location in the wilderness he loved. Genn’s technique includes a tradition of strong design with patterns of colour and form, revealing a pervasive sense of personal style. He worked principally in acrylic, though he did considerable work in oils, watercolour, lithography, and silk screen printing, as well.

Genn passed away in 2014.  His illustrated memoir In Praise of Painting (1981) provides an insight into the progress and trials of a Canadian painter. Other published works by Robert Genn include The Dreamway (1987), The Painter’s Keys – A Seminar With Robert Genn (1997), Love Letters to Art (2007), and The Twice-Weekly Letters: July 10, 1999 to Sept 25, 2009 (2010). 




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