Sheila Maki

Depths of Calm, 1997

Silkscreen; 1 of 10

24 × 24 in

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About the work

Depths of Calm combines organic shapes reminiscent of the ocean washing up onto the sand, juxtaposed with geometric lines and shapes that serve to further highlight the natural, unrestrained flow of the former. Encompassed entirely within a circle—a shape both geometric and organic—the silkscreen print evokes a moment captured in time, a seaside scene, perhaps, frozen in frame but no less powerful and alive for its enforced immobility. Gazing into the layers of colour and form, one can almost feel the rock of the waves, taste the fresh air, and is left confident in the knowledge that somewhere, the view that inspired this static depiction lives on in vibrant motion.

Medium Prints
Signature Signed
Frame Framed
Condition Excellent
Seller Private
Location Toronto, Canada
Provenance Private Collection, Toronto.

Sheila Maki


Sheila Maki was a multifaceted artist who explored printmaking, drawing, painting, and more. She was born in Sudbury, Ontario in 1932 and raised in North Bay before moving to Toronto in 1969 with her family. Art was her passion and became her vocation. As her work evolved, she enjoyed the challenge of creating original prints through varied processes such as etching and silk-screening. Her art was well received and recognized as being unique in concept as she followed her own path. Maki moved her studio to Unionville (Markham) in the Greater Toronto Area in 1980.

Maki was a member of the Society of Etchers & Engravers, the Society of Canadian Artists, the Ontario Society of Artists, the Print Council of Canada and The Heliconian Club. She participated in many juried shows and over 60 solo exhibits. Her work is now in hundreds of private and public collections around the world. She exhibited her work in many countries in Europe and Asia, as well as the U.S. and Canada, including the World Print Show in California and the Pratt Institute in New York, among others.

Maki describes the freedom that is essential to her work: “The feeling of freedom I have in the studio is similar to the feeling I have on a horse or in an open boat on the water. It has the same quality as fresh air to me.”



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Depths of Calm
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