Zachary Warne

Dawn, 2023

mixed media on canvas

22 × 30 in

 30 x




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About the work

Painted in the colours of the dawn, this organic, abstract mixed media piece sends the eye on a tumultuous journey with shades that evoke the pink clouds of early morning, the fresh blues of an awakening sky, and the deep greens of the trees and hills yet untouched by the rising sun, still basking in their cool, dewy shadows. As the sun ascends in the sky, so too is Dawn meant to depict colours rising from the base of the canvas, spreading out to envelop the long-sleeping world in the hues of another burgeoning day. The curves and swirls of the central picture plane are free to frolic across the scene, while edging bars of more stoic colour bind them to their home among their rich, invigorating companions.

Medium Painting
Signature Signed
Frame Unframed
Condition Excellent
Seller Artist
Location Toronto, Canada
Provenance Artist

Zachary Warne


Zachary Warne is an emerging Canadian visual artist with a BFA from OCAD University (2020). Currently, he splits his time between Toronto and northern Ontario. When up north, he enjoys painting landscapes, with a particular affinity for water. When working in the city, however, his pieces focus on extreme abstraction, with influences often revolving around current events and human nature.

“The concept behind my work is what’s most important. It’s how I identify the good work from the bad.”

Warne’s original passion was for sculpture, predominantly clay. He explains that working with his hands felt satisfying and gave him a sense of completion. “At a time in our shared history, where so much of what we do is intangible, producing physical artworks gives me purpose.”

Selected CV:

2023, Im Coming Out; The Space

2023, Cabbagetown Art & Craft Show; Riverdale Farm

2023, Haliburton Art & Craft Festival; Rails End Gallery & Arts Centre

2022, Life in Art; Ada Slaight Gallery

2022, The Unit Six Projects; Canadian Contemporary School of Art

2020, OCAD University GradEx 105; OCAD University (Online)

2020, Social Distance Gallery; Instagram (Online)

2020, Drawing and Painting Class of 2020 Show; Propeller Gallery (Online)



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