Stefany Hemming

Creep, 2019

oil on panel

48 × 48 in

 48 x


 121.92 x


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About the work

Entangled vines materialise out of utter darkness as they roam across the surface in this painting titled Creep by Stefany Hemming. Hemming engages subtractive painting as a method to examine the uncertainty and contingency that characterize our contemporary relationship to the environment. Working reductively, Hemming draws through wet oils, scraping through the dark until the surface is no longer maleable. In this practice, “running out of time” is both subject and medium. Marks shape-shift to become luminous networks that conjure the natural world and are at once enveloping and disconcerting.

Medium Painting
Signature Signed
Frame Framed
Condition Excellent
Seller Artist
Location Vancouver, Canada
Provenance The Artist

Stefany Hemming


Contemporary artist Stefany Hemming creates organic abstractions through her technique of drawing through fluid oil paint. Beautifully tangled, Hemming’s lines shape-shift to comprise complex networks and forms from the natural world. This formal strategy is a visual exploration of the themes of uncertainty and contingency intrinsic to our contemporary relationship to the environment. The end result is paintings that hum with raw and organic spontaneity. 

Hemming’s large format oils challenge our perception of the natural. To make these paintings, Hemming works reductively to pare down the painting process into a formal set of parameters. What remains is evidence of a presence that has come and gone, revealing that even in the absence of humanity, there is life force that continues. Inspired by urban weeds and mid-century gestural abstraction and ancient calligraphy, her complex networks interweave the generative and the entropic.

Born in Victoria, BC, Stefany Hemming graduated from Emily Carr University in Vancouver in 1989 and studied Design and Visual Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, graduating in 1994.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in solo shows at the Pendulum Gallery and Elliott Louis Gallery in Vancouver; Tinney Contemporary Gallery in Nashville, and; the Bill Lowe Gallery in Atlanta, among others. She has been in group exhibitions at the Toronto International Art Fair for Engine Gallery, Burnaby Arts Council, View Gallery, and Concordia University. 

Stefany Hemming’s work is held in numerous private and public collections across Canada and the USA, such as Ritz Carleton Hotels, Lions Gate Hospital Foundation in Vancouver, Hirsch Bedner Associates in Atlanta, Wood Partners Glass House in Dallas, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, and Paul Sangha Landscape Architect in Vancouver.

Hemming currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC.


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